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The Lavenders of Mayfield, Surrey

It is already the middle of June and the flowering season for lavenders is just round the corner. By July, they are an extraordinary spectacle and continue to enchant its viewers until the middle of August. While the English lavenders aren’t as renowned as their French counterparts, the eclectic mix of purple and green over vast acres of empty land give a tough competition to the ones grown at Provence, France. Just a 20 minutes ride away from West Croydon, lies the Mayfield Lavender fields in Little Woodcote, Surrey. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that there are a few better ways to spend a sunny August day than at a lavender farm.


If you’ve ever been to a lavender farm, you are no stranger to the sweet and subtle aroma that emanates from each and every lavender stalk. On taking a closer look, one can notice the flowers growing in whorls over tiny spikes that shoot from the long slender stem.



By noon, the purple deepens and contrasts the infinite blue skies. This ethereal landscape attracts visitors withins its premises and is a good spot for a family day out. From photography competitions to afternoon tea parties to event bookings, Mayfield has its own way of celebrating the onset of the lavender season.



The myths and legends associated with the lavender are many. In Elizabethan England, it was hung above doorways to keep evil spirits at bay. At Midsummer’s Eve, it was used to summon faeries, brownies, and elves.  A cure for deadly diseases and deep wounds, lavenders were believed to possess powerful healing properties. Its popularity as a relaxing and love inducing herb dates back to the time of Cleopatra and Charles VI of France.



A £1 entry fee is too little a price to pay for what lies in store when you walk amidst the green and purple clumps of lavender. The next time you’re walking past a lavender field, don’t forget to  ‘stop, and smell the lavender’.


22 thoughts on “The Lavenders of Mayfield, Surrey”

  1. Enjoyed the beauty of blog, lavender n it’s healing properties, beautifully captured in the lovely blog, nice photography n creative engaging mesmerising blog, keep blogging friend♥️🌹🏵️💐

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      1. I think any beautiful garden is special, but being English.. I’m partial, yes! 😂 And thank you, Leah. They’re starting to wilt now and I’m soooo glad I caught them. A few prints to be ordered this coming week, I think.. 🤔😉

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  2. OMG your blog is full of beautiful photos and places. I never have had a desire to travel, but as I read your blogs I wonder if I traveled there would I see what she sees. Maybe yes, maybe no, it does not matter … finding beauty wherever you are is what is important. But yes, I experience a twinge of maybe wanting to go somewhere other than my home, Canada.

    Cheers, Alexis.

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    1. Canada is so beautiful. I can understand why you never wanted to leave your home country. I hope I am lucky enough to visit Canada some day. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words.



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