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Pastel shades, sand ripples and the Andaman Sea

Following my earlier article on Thailand, I decided to come up with a post that portrays some of my captures in and around the southern islands of Thailand. Though I don’t claim to be a photographer, I am quite happy with some of my shots and decided to dedicate a post to Koh Lanta and its neighbouring islands. So if you’re in the mood for sand ripples, sea waves, long-tail boats and sea shells, stay tuned! An hour’s journey from Koh Phi Phi island takes you to Koh Lanta, a gateway to visiting the coral-fringed beaches in the archipelago of the smaller and lesser known Thai islands. The following picture is taken near Klong Nin, a lesser known (and not so clean) beach towards the south-western edges of Koh Lanta.


Summer temperatures in Thailand are far from pleasant. At a temperature of around 40 degree Celsius, the famous four islands tour (Koh Maa, Koh Chuek, Koh Waen, Koh Muk) is closed to visitors and locals alike. Running out of options, I decided to opt for a speed-boat tour that took me around 7 islands, stopping at Koh Ngai for snorkelling and an appetising Thai lunch.



Koh Ngai must be one of the loveliest islands in south-east Asia! Looking around for the ‘perfect’ spot to sunbathe, I found a place where the water assumed three distinct colours(yellow, green and blue) and the uneven limestone formations stared out into the distance. It was picture perfect. A professional photographer would do wonders with such a landscape!



The sand ripples particularly, are very interesting to photograph. They form asymmetrical crests that change its pattern every time water flows in and out of the golden shoreline.



The month of May is prone to short spells of rain. In the next photograph, I tried to capture my sombre surroundings- the gradual darkening of skies just a few moments before the heavy downpour.


If you need some time to yourself, there is no place better than the seaside. As a wise man/woman once said,

Smell the Sea,

Feel the breeze,

Hear the ocean,

Feel at Ease.

‘Cause down at the shore, everything’s all right.!



While on the speed boat, we crossed dozens of small irregular islands and unique rock formations. The monkey island in particular, was a fascinating piece of rock outcrop!



Our speed boat tour ended around late afternoon and by that time, the water around me had started to sparkle and shimmer. My precious 900 Baht was worth every penny!


With less than six days to spend in Thailand, I was truly amazed at the unforgettable sights and memories that the country had to offer. No matter in which direction my life takes me, I know that one day, I shall find the time to come back to Thailand.


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