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Myths and Legends| Lake Bled| Slovenia

Plop! Plop! went the bubbles as both children and adults went aiming for the perfect and imperfect spheres that drifted in the light summer air near Lake Bled. I fixed my gaze upon a colourful bubble and watched it collide with smaller ones till it increased in volume and floated higher and higher making its way towards the turquoise blue waters of the shimmering lake. I walked right into the many coloured reflections, bursting some along the way to give a dime to the creator of such a jubilant spectacle. I was drawn to one particular bubble that slowly rose and circled in the air, creating patterns that resembled an ancient runic language. Strangely enough, it knew its way up to the Bled castle; it led the way and I followed.

The story of Bled is the story of perfection. It is a manifestation of one of those rare yet special occurrences when man and nature are in blissful harmony with one another. Abound in grace, charm and natural beauty, the picturesque landscape has kindled the imagination of Slovenians for centuries. The myths and legends that arise from a scenery so heavily inspired by the mountains, the conifers and the tranquil lake – are a joy to listen,  to compose, to recite.

From Bled castle

The Island

The faeries in the olden days, hid in woods and came out to play.
 Dance and sing in Bled's meadows green, when the earth was lit in golden rays. 
Nimble and light they danced on and on, round in circles from night till dawn. 
Till the sun's first ray coloured the skies in blue and once morning broke, away they flew.
The shepherds with their flocks at morn, came to Bled to idle and graze;
And the sheep gnawed at the carpet green till not a blade of grass was seen.
This they did for many a year, till the flowers drooped and the roots were bare.
Soon, the earth grew dark and cold and the tale of Bled was never heard or told.
Bled Castle on the cliff
From Bled island
The faeries mourned and cried in despair, at the loss of their land and fate so unfair.
They pleaded with the shepherds there and hoped that they would atone and care.
But the shepherds had heavy hearts of stone and would neither amend nor their sins atone;
The lamentations grew loud and wild; Bled needed a saviour so that it could survive.
Skilled in ancient charms and spells, the faeries called on the springs and wells,
To flood the island with streams and brooks and cover the land where Bled once stood.
All was lost and all was drowned, except for a mound where faeries held their ground.
A lonely island stood amidst the waters clear; here, faeries lived and thrived without fear. 

The Bell

A wishing bell on the lonely island of Bled
Chimes thrice in haste when lovers are wed.
Its echoes spread with the whistling winds
Carries it to the shore where thrushes sing.
It brings good luck to the faithful and true.
Restores fortune so that man may live anew.

The tale of this bell goes back many years -
A woman lay beside her husband in tears
His final hour on the earth was spent 
And his weary soul to heaven was sent.
He breathed his last, hands joined in prayer
Now, he is rests in God’s own sweet lair. 
She took her jewels, the little she own'd.
Cast it into a bell, melodious 'n sweet-ton'd.
And on a boat, towards the island she row'd
Against a storm and a fierce gust that blow'd
It moaned and howled, loud thunder growl'd.
Battling the disturbed waters, she slowly drown'd.
When nights are still and the moon sails high
Its silver beams shine where Bled's waters lie.
From beneath the lake there comes a faint chime
Of a ringing bell long lost in time.
It rekindles the vows that once were sworn
Of marriage, of trust, of love re-born.
Inside the Church of Assumption

© Copyright: Leah Chrestien. May 2020.  The post The Island of Dreams| Lake Bled| Slovenia  first appeared on The Ecstatic Storyteller. The author reserves the right to the content and the pictures.

31 thoughts on “Myths and Legends| Lake Bled| Slovenia”

  1. Great post and wanderful photographs. I finally had a chance to visit Lake Bled last autumn and was absolutely delighted with everything. It’s certainly one of the most scenic spots in all of Europe. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Yes, I remember your article on Lake Bled. It is very well done. I am fascinated by your post titled ’10 ESSENTIAL THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE VISITING THE BEAUTIFUL TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK’ and I plan to execute it the next time I am in Slovenia!

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    1. Hello there. Thank you for stopping by! I read a couple of your posts and I must say, your blog is very well done. I shall follow with keen interest. Hope we can collaborate in the near future for a podcast :). Take care and stay safe!

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