Love, Romantic

Crowning Glory | Poetry

In few lines and scattered words
       I crown you with stately fame -
Great kings and queens in my tales 
       Sing praises of your name.

Robed in scarlet, precious stones
       You reign over my earth and sky; 
With words that leak from my pen
       I build your fort towering high.

In awe and wonder for your being
      Countless words I weave and stitch - 
Spinning your unearthly charms,
       My enslaved mind you can bewitch.

You fill the void in every paragraph -  
     In my world's stage, you play all lives - 
A thousand deaths cannot strike you
     Like an ancient phoenix, you survive. 

In soft whispers, unfamiliar tongues
     I speak of my love so pure and true -
Though the universe is in my grasp -
     My poetic loyalty lies with you.

I have no story from rags to riches
    I have no seat in the hall of fame.
If the three Fates favor poets in love,
   On the halls, I'll carve your name. 

You thrive in my poems and prose - 
     What more can a commoner do?
I wish someone would love me -
      The way I love you. 

© Copyright: Leah Chrestien. July 2021.  The post Crowning Glory| Poetry first appeared on The Ecstatic Storyteller. The author reserves the right to the content. No reproduction of content in any form is permitted without the prior consent of the author.

27 thoughts on “Crowning Glory | Poetry”

  1. Unequal levels of love always hurts…sometimes it can also be that some people find it hard to express into emotions their most inner depths, due to past hurt, insecurity and other reasons, but the sad truth is that it’s rare for two people to love each other with the same intensity, the all-consuming, lifelong-lasting type of passionate relationships. Most of us have to make do with glimpses and traces of true love and make it last or use our imagination and cry on the inside for the rest. In today’s society, the fairy tale type of love is mostly considered overrated or inappropriate.

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    1. Strange, how the best of poetry is often born out of the saddest of love stories. Unrequited love is a common theme and is the driving force behind pain and heartaches that blossom into world class poetry. While it is not always a good idea to romanticize suffering, it does evoke a fragment of imagination that weaves magic and gives birth to Yeats and Shakespeare. Rephrasing Oscar Wilde, we will always be in Love with Love and therefore, those that are willing to be chided for writing elaborate love phrases will always be termed as hopeless romantics – a risk that most are willing to take! While the expressions of Love differ and keep changing with age, there are also those that are fighting to keep Love’s flame alive and burning. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I enjoy unbiased history for sure. It is important to know the events of our past.
      I’m not sure whether this poem suggests that mode. My poetic style (as I like to believe) is inspired by Romanticism and Gothic Romanticism but I try to avoid archaic English words.


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