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In Her Eyes | Poetry

Cover Source: https://www.pouted.com/44-most-fabulous-3d-fantasy-art-works/

In her dreamy lustrous eyes, I see a golden sparkle;
Whiffs of fairy dust smear her unblemished cheeks;
I long for her presence in the loveliest of dark nights -
When the singing nightingale to his beloved speaks.

In her tear-filled soulful eyes, I sense a hint of sorrow;
Her deep dark eyes betray glimpses of a tragic loss;
Hand in hand, we sail to the edge of the wide world;
And into the deepest of still waters all worries toss.

In her brilliant eyes, brighter than a thousand suns;
She weaves magic that fades the unhappiest of scars;
With the strongest of wills to persevere and conquer -
Taking a perfect aim, she shoots for the farthest stars.

In her bloodshot forbidding eyes, I see furrowed lines;  
Of gashes and wounds inflicted by the treacherous lot;
Bold 'n unyielding, she unleashes her wings of wrath -
Never before has a battle been more valiantly fought.

In her emboldened eyes, burns an unquenchable fire -
Undeterred by the gloom of the ill-fated dark night;
There's nothing that her spirited self cannot achieve -
When her enlightened mind, body and soul unite.

© Copyright: Leah Chrestien. September 2021.  The post In Her Eyes | Poetry first appeared on The Ecstatic Storyteller. The author reserves the right to the content. No reproduction of content in any form is permitted without the prior consent of the author.

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