Gothic, Love, Pain

Sweet Poison | Poetry

The outer rim of my lips have darkened, 
My frail hands illustrate a deathly pallor,
Slowly and silently, my psyche weakens -
My face is drained of all myriad color.

Delirious! I rant 'n rage aloud in tongues,
Lurching in circles at dark ungodly hours, 
Convulsing and collapsing onto the floor -
I leave my fate to the higher powers.

You tempt me with the reddest of apples,
A basket of poppies and a prickly red rose,
Sweet is your poison, deadly are your gifts -
Killing me slowly and prolonging my throes.

I've built my home in your house of cards,
You showcase your jars of bleeding hearts,
You paralyze my body with poisonous darts -
When the effect wears off, my frenzy starts!

Entangled in your web of spurious fables,
Choking on your twisted lies all daylong,
You watched as I lay bleeding and broken -
You knew what you were doing all along.

You pour redolent wine in a gilded chalice,
I see your fingers spill in the binding curse,
Keep away the poison! Torment me no more! 
Your love should make it better, not worse.

And though you have scarred my only heart,
Wreaked havoc on my body causing me pain,
Even if I bleed another ten gallons of blood - 
I'll seal each mortal wound and live again.
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