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A Reverie | Poetry | Lillien Series

This is the third poem in my Lillien series. The first can be found here and the second here.

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I hear the soft ruffling of flowing linen robes,
long striding footsteps on the withered grass,
awakening the deep longing in my torn heart,
have my prayers brought Lillien here at last?

Too long, it has been since she bade farewell -
for years, she has dwelt in my waking dreams,
as the light fairy footfalls approach me close,
my emotions flow out like rain-filled streams.

The fleecy clouds part, the moonbeams shine;
are those pearly strands of dark curling hair?
Is that a pale white lily tasseling in the wind?
Only her presence can make this night so fair!

The evening star scintillates brighter than ever;
I can no longer feel the cold kisses of the gale;
a gust of strong wind sets the trees in murmur -
the ghostly leaves whisper our beloved love-tale.

Will we kiss under boughs of green mistletoe?
Or resume love making under flashes of stars -
hold hands in silence for hours with no word;
while the red planet Mars blushes from afar.

The night's grey shroud swathes me in sleep,
I will no longer seek the hostile light of day;
only open my eyes when she caresses my lips,
dispels my grim fears - soothes my pain away.

© Copyright: Leah Chrestien. July 2022.  The post A Reverie | Poetry | Lillien Series first appeared on The Ecstatic Storyteller. The author reserves the right to the content. No reproduction of content in any form is permitted without the prior consent of the author.

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