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A Castle in the Clouds| Somerset |England

“ I am a phantom from the middles ages; a warrior and a survivor; a guardian and a defender of my land and people. I am a manifestation of the eras long bygones; I am your past, a living embodiment of your tumultuous, scarring and unforgettable history. I am a castle in the clouds; I am the castle at Dunster. ”

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If Stones Could Speak| The Stonehenge| Salisbury

“ Combining my visit to the Stonehenge with the Salisbury town proved to be a good idea. The town itself is not very big and is still very 'English' in terms of its Elizabethan buildings, charming pubs and cobbled streets. Clock towers, medieval arches and colourful flags add a certain charm to the old town centre that is more than often bustling with locals and tourists alike.  ”

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The Sissinghurst Castle gardens at Kent, England

“ One of the most alluring features of Sissinghurst is its white garden that starts to take shape towards the end of June. More popularly known as a moonlit masterpiece, the white and silver garden was very dear to Vita and Harold, the owners of the garden in the early twentieth century. Today, the garden is under the care of National Trust which continues to take care of the estate since 1967, following Vita's death. ”

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Bluebell woods of Surrey, England

“ After the passing of daffodils, comes the era of the Bluebells. The U.K boasts of a large number of places where sweet-smelling Bluebells cover vast acres of the forest woodland. From Perthshire in the North to Cornwall in the south, Bluebell watching is an important recreation for all lovers of the English garden. ”

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The White cliffs of Dover, England

“ The walk in the cliffs is particularly pleasant amidst the light summer winds of June. The winding path leads to the South Foreland Lighthouse which has fallen out of use in 1988. The famous Shakespeare cliff, named after the setting of King Lear in Act IV, is a famous retreat for all fans of the bard. Across undulating plains and over muddy steps, the White Cliffs of Dover offer breathtaking views of the surrounding grassland and the Strait of Dover. ”

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Sailing in the Isles of Scilly and St. Ives

“ The next morning, I took the train to St. Ives. It was beginning to get bright and the Porthminster beach was empty.  An arresting shade of blue and yellow spread across the skies. Sparkling waves rippled onto the golden beach; the sand was shimmering in diffused sunlight. St Ives was still asleep and the noise of the screeching gulls resonated in the surroundings. ”