death, fantasy, Gothic

Her Grave | Poetry

Beneath the quiet earth rest her cold bones and over the ground a tomb of snow white; no tawdry embellishments carve the stones the pale marble glistens in the moonlight. The nightingale pines for its long lost mate, does its heaving heart burst forth with pain? Is it singing sweet notes of love and death… Continue reading Her Grave | Poetry

Gothic, Love, Romantic

A Reverie | Poetry | Lillien Series

This is the third poem in my Lillien series. The first can be found here and the second here. Cover pic: I hear the soft ruffling of flowing linen robes, long striding footsteps on the withered grass, awakening the deep longing in my torn heart, have my prayers brought Lillien here at last? Too… Continue reading A Reverie | Poetry | Lillien Series

Forest, Gothic, Poetry

The Call of Arandüil | Poetry | Lillien Series

Source : On darker days, when sorrow sets in And heart beats fill the boundless void, Alone - with no love, no hope, no kin - The inner demons leave my soul destroyed. Troubled and heavy-laden, I roam the woods Amidst the towering pines of Arandüil. Its solitude comforts my troubled moods. My respite… Continue reading The Call of Arandüil | Poetry | Lillien Series