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The White cliffs of Dover, England

“ The walk in the cliffs is particularly pleasant amidst the light summer winds of June. The winding path leads to the South Foreland Lighthouse which has fallen out of use in 1988. The famous Shakespeare cliff, named after the setting of King Lear in Act IV, is a famous retreat for all fans of the bard. Across undulating plains and over muddy steps, the White Cliffs of Dover offer breathtaking views of the surrounding grassland and the Strait of Dover. ”

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Sailing in the Isles of Scilly and St. Ives

“ The next morning, I took the train to St. Ives. It was beginning to get bright and the Porthminster beach was empty.  An arresting shade of blue and yellow spread across the skies. Sparkling waves rippled onto the golden beach; the sand was shimmering in diffused sunlight. St Ives was still asleep and the noise of the screeching gulls resonated in the surroundings. ”

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The wonder that is Snowdonia, North Wales

“ The Llanberis way in Llanberis or Yr Wyddfa, is one of five routes to reach the summit of the Snowdon mountain. The glistening waters of Lake Padarn enter into River Seiont that flows past Caernarfon into the Menai Strait. It wasn’t the best of days; the wind was cold and a dense white fog had descended on the low-lying hills around Lake Padarn. ”

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May the luck of the Irish be with you

“ Ireland is rightly known as the Emerald Isle. Soft green grass covers the sheer majestic cliffs that continue for miles and miles into the sea. The greenish-blue waters of the ocean stretches as far as Iceland to the north and Barra island to the north-east. The rain had momentarily stopped; a pale yellow sun peeped in from behind the puffy grey clouds, infusing life and vigour to my drenched surroundings. ”

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Walking in Peak District, England

“ It was a lovely walk through the valley. A lone tree stood on the sloping hills and the sweeping ranges could be seen for miles into the distance. It had rained a while back and the grass blades were covered with newly formed rain drops. How green was my valley! ”

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Fall colours of Pitlochry, Scotland

“ Loch Dunmore is a serene, picturesque lake situated in the heart of the Faskally woods. The road to the Loch was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was late afternoon and the last rays of the autumnal sun came flaring in on the hilltops. The evergreen pines were fiery and glowing ! My surroundings were on fire ! ”

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Spring in the Lake District, Cumbria

“ The elysian village of Coniston has flourished along the lake and lies in the foothills of the Old Man of Coniston. The morning clouds were beginning to clear and occasional sunbursts added a silver tinge to the lake waters. The surrounding grasslands radiated a vibrant green and a couple of fishermen were out into the lake with their fishing poles. ”

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The Brontë country

“ The landscape was mostly barren except for the lonesome figure of a dying tree which formed a silhouette with one of its eerie branches reaching up to the sun. This scene resonated the grim and brooding atmosphere of Wuthering Heights and I was half expecting to find Cathy and Heathcliff engaged in one of their secret meetings. ”

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A memorable encounter in Athens, Greece

“ Luckily, it was a Sunday and the shop windows were stocked with souvenirs that paid homage to the spirit of Greece. In the midst of an uncertain and declining economy, the Greeks fight their everyday battles with courage and a bold temperament. In the market place, I was greeted with healthy handshakes and cheerful smiles. ”